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Still a development release, but tested and working on Debian 8.3, Ubuntu 16.04LTS and gentoo 2.3 (4.9.6 rt).


This is a NON STABLE WORKING RELEASE. You are welcome to download and use it, but doing this you agree to become a BETA TESTER and commits yourself to:

  1. Reports here (issues in gitHub) any malfunction you could found in the software.
  2. Provvide al the necessary information required to identify, replicate and solve the problem.
  3. Cooperate in evaluate and testing the purposed solutions.
  4. Accept the final solution.

As an active member of the project, your actions and attitude are meant to help to increase the product reputation, don't forget to always state that you are talking about a development version when describing problems and, please, give the same evidence to the solution, when found.

Thanks, Marco.

Feb 18, 2016
Initial commit