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Lightweight headless squeezebox emulator capable to play server side upsampled and decoded PCM streams or 'native' DSD formats.

Works best with C-3PO Trascoding helper plug-in for Squeezebox server ( and Falcon web interface (

IMPORTANT: to correctly stream DSD format you need to have ALSA >= 1.0.29 in on your O.S. Best with Kernel >= 4.10 installed.

To install squeezelite-R2 just download the attached binary for your OS and architecture.

For an end to end solution, You could give a try to Falcon:

You could compile your version of squeezelite-R2 using included makefiles or MSVS project for windows (see building instructions).

See for other architectures (RPI included).


Squeezelite-R2 is Based on:

Squeezelite - lightweight headless squeezebox emulator
or (github clone).

(c) Adrian Smith 2012-2015,

Patch to Allow server side upsampling for PCM streams

(c) Marco Curti 2015,

Patch to disable LMS downsampling

(c) Daphile 2015

Patches for 'native' DSD playback

(c) Daphile 2016

This release:
(c) Marco Curti 2015-2017

Released under GPLv3 license:

See Included License.txt

Here some more information and guide (only in italian) on how to configure and use Squeezelite-R2:


Starting form March, 15 2016 the mod that originates squeezelite-R2 is included in the squeezebox community official version of squeezelite, mantained by Ralph Irving. You could then use that version activating -W option and obtainig the very same result.

NEW in 1.8.4:

supports 'native' DSD playback with ALSA.