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Dottor is an unobtrusive command line tool for easily managing your dotfiles, without assumptions on how your dotfiles repository should be organized.

Why Dottor?

I designed dottor so that it would be easy to setup and use, reliable and work with existing dotfiles repos.

With Dottor you can:

  1. Get started with your current dotfiles repo, without changing anything.
  2. Specify different profiles, so that you can use it to symlink files in your dev machine as well as in your production boxes.

How it works?

Dottor expect to find in your repo a YAML file named dottor_rules.yml (or you can specify a different path) with the following format

  -  source: <dotffile or directory>
     target: <where do you want the file to be symlinked to>
  -  source: <dotffile or directory>
     target: <where do you want the file to be symlinked to>

All the actions performed by Dottor are based on the dottor_rules.yml file. For some examples, see the dottor_rules.sample.yml file. Check my dotfiles repo for a working example.

Getting started

gem install dottor

Create a dottor_rules.yml inside your dotfiles repo

dottor init

Create symlinks based on dottor_rules.yml file in current directory

dottor symlink <profile_name>

Specify a dottor_rules.yml file in another directory

dottor symlink <profile_name> -f <custom_path>

Delete all the symlinks

dottor symlink -d

Submitting a Pull Request

  1. Fork the project.
  2. Create a topic branch.
  3. Implement your feature or bug fix.
  4. Add documentation for your feature or bug fix.
  5. Add specs for your feature or bug fix.
  6. Commit and push your changes.


Released under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for further details.