This is code to run the Juju Ecosystem review queue
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Review Queue

Getting started

$ make venv
$ . venv/bin/activate
$ python develop

Setup the database

$ venv/bin/initialize_backend_db development.ini


Celery uses redis for it's backend data store. Install redis locally and run redis-server.

Run celery worker

Run from the root project directory:

$ celery -A reviewq.celerycfg worker -l info -B

The -B flag tells celery to run our tasks periodically:

  • reviewq.tasks.import_from_lp -- Ingests from LaunchPad, every 10 minutes
  • reviewq.tasks.refresh_active, -- Refresh, every 2 minutes
  • reviewq.tasks.refresh -- Called by refresh_active to refresh one record, on demand

Launchpad Authentication

$ venv/bin/initialize_lp_creds

This will open up LaunchPad in your browser, requesting OAUTH access from the Review Queue application. The credentials will be cached in lp-creds

NOTE: This will run all actions as your user.

Test Integration - How It Works

New Review item is ingested
  if item in PENDING/NEW status
    Send request to jenkins for each substrate in testing defaults
      if request 200:
        Create ReviewTest, status Pending
        Create ReviewTest, status Retry

Jenkins Build Script
  Callback to RevQ at beginning of job, set status Running
  Callback to RevQ at end of job, set test outcome

RevQ Callback Handler
  Update ReviewTest status and url (jenkins build url)
  if status != Running
    set ReviewTest.finished timestamp
    queue celery task to post test results as vote/comment to lp

Celery refresh task (periodic refresh of open items in RevQ)
  If item is Abandoned/Closed
    Cancel any pending/unfinished tests

  For item tests in Retry status
    Send jenkins request
      if 200, set Pending
  For item tests in Pending/Running status beyond timeout
    if Running and result json exists
      set test status and finished timestamp from json
      Send new jenkins request
        if 200 set Pending else set Retry

  The Square (Dashboard)
      White if no tests created
      else Green if any tests successful
      else Red if any tests failed
      else Black (tests are queued)
      goes to Review Item detail page

  Review Item detail page
    Show list of existing tests with status
    Allow creation of new test(s)
      Launch on one or more clouds (select box)


Database Schema

The initialize_backend_db script will create backend.sqlite with the most current database schema. Modifications to the structure of an existing database are done via alembic.

  1. Create a migration script:

     $ alembic revision -m "Describe your revision here"
     Generating reviewqueue/migrations/versions/
  2. Open the generated file and make your changes, to the upgrade() and downgrade() methods.

  3. Run the migration:

    $ alembic upgrade head

  4. Modify reviewq/ to reflect the schema change(s).


  • See Issues on Github
  • Make ingest_the_world work again -- useful for local development
  • Verify the database migration steps are correct.
  • Document development workflow.