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A framework to compare entity linking systems.
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A framework to compare entity annotation systems.


As a contribute to the scientific community working on the field of entity annotation, we developed a framework to compare text annotators: systems that, given a text document, aim at finding the entities the text is about, identified as Wikipedia pages. The BAT-Framework comes along with a formal framework that defines a set of problems, the way systems can be compared to each other, and a set of measures that – extending classic IR measures – fairly and fully compares entity annotators features. The formal framework, whose understanding is required to use the benchmark framework, is presented in this paper published at WWW’13.

Main features

  • Compare in a fair and complete way any Entity-Annotation system.
  • Provides an implementation for all defined measures and match relations.
  • Easily extensible adding new systems, new datasets, new similarity measures.
  • Performs extensive testing on any Entity Annotator and any dataset.
  • Performs runtime testing.
  • Generates gnuplot charts and Latex tables summarizing test results.
  • Completely open source, distributed under the GPLv3 license.

How to include

The BAT-framework is mavenized and published on the Maven Central repository. You can include it with:


How to use

You can either use BAT-framework directly (see this guide) or by using GERBIL, which provides an easy web interface and is built on top of the BAT-Framework.


To keep track of the changes in recent versions of the BAT-Framework, see the CHANGELOG.


You can contribute by either opening an issue or by forking the project, implement the feature in a separate branch, and creating a pull request.

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