Material for the Experimental Particle Physics course at the ESIPAP 2019 School
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ESIPAP 2019 - Experimental Particle Physics


The slides of the lectures will appear in this directory as the course proceeds.


I will leave things to do by yourself from day to day, in order to consolidate what we learned during the lectures. Instructions will appear in the Homework directory.

Analysis exercise

At some point, we will make a simple analysis exercise. We will use ROOT and Python with a Jupyter notebook.

If you have a CERN account, you can run the notebook on SWAN. Click the button below to open a session and import the repository. Otherwise, launch the standalone binder using the other button below. It will give you a working environment with Python and ROOT that will allow you to run the notebooks from the browser. Of course, if you have a local version of Python and ROOT (with Python enabled) installed, simply clone or download the repository and run the notebooks on you computer. Ask me if you want help!

Go to the Test directory and try to execute the example notebook there to verify your setup.