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Tue 8 Jan 2013
- Fixed MIDI saving/loading bug
- Fixed MIDI labelling on preset load bug
Wed 4 Apr 2012
- Fixed boring bug with Audio.ON/OFF switches
- Sequence sliders now behave "Jump on click"
- Swapped regular number boxes with [gui.nbx] for better responsiveness
Mon 20 Feb 2012
- Fixed bug with filter bypass button
Tue 10 Jan 2012
- Improved [Inputs] usability:
.added modular GUI with dynamic [adc~]
.added filter bypass button (for use with any instrument)
.added [xsssad] capability to threshold and punch
Mon 19 Dec 2011
- Added [] for dynamic sensor input dispatching
- Minor GUI improvements
- Added [flow.rhythm] for threshold/trigger
Sat 26 Nov 2011
- Added custom normalization and reverse of biosignals data to control values
- Included credits to VisualTracker for the fork of Sequence
- Light modification of [gui.sssad.send]
Thu 10 Nov 2011
- Added plugins folder
- Added instrument-analysis.pd
Sun 30 Oct 2011
- Removed rj dependency
- Decreased cpu usage when idle (and audio on) from 16% to 9-11%, by adding switch~ to [mix.aux.stereo~] and []
Sat 29 Oct 2011
- Fixed bad bug in [set-event] and structure creation; now functional
- Added storage for bpm
- Removed pdmtl dependency
Thu 27 Oct 2011
- Removed sssad-lib dependency
- Imported sssad objects into xthsense lib for better portability
- Updated all embedded [sssad] within xthsense objects
- Imported [storage] from VisualTracker for better portability
- Updated [pd bpm] after importing []
- Removed puremapping dependency
- Updated curve drawers
Wed 26 Oct 2011
- Finished structure programming, event creation for preset and timeline
- Changed GUI main side window
Wed 10 Aug 2011
- Added [muscle.model~] for testing.
- Added change-log and todo bangs to keep better track of development.
- Trying to save CPU resources, without loosing resolution using [resample] instead of [speedlim] in [pd threshold].
- Changed snapshot~ follower in [all.scaling]. Created [anlz.snap~] with [metro] resolution of 20ms.
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