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Tue 27 Mar
- add sample player in [inputs], to choose between live input or recorded input
- fix bug GUI efx.sliders (maybe there's no bug, check better)
Mon 26 March
- Make [pd workspace] an abstraction?
Sat 24 March 2012
- Bypass audio for multiple mappings
Wed 7 March 2012
- [DONE] Create graph to draw the different sensitivity of a sensor in time
Mon 20 Feb
- Add dynamic sensing timeline. Get sensor input to move through the score
- [DONE] Mapping: Color change to rev button
Tue 7 Feb 2012
- Use contour of a gesture in a small time window to provide different mapping curves
- Use variable RMS analysis window to extend the feature extraction
Mon 9 Jan 2012
- Group MMG features, calculate average, deviation, difference so to identify gestures?
- [DONE] Improve Inputs subpatch usability by adding an enhanced GUI
- [DONE] Re-organize the whole framework, create modular patches to enable regular updates (how exactly?)
Thu 24 Nov 2011
- [DONE] Mapping: enable custom output range
Wed 23 Nov 2011
- Add global OSC compatibility (something like the [mapping] router?)
- [DONE] Mapping: add inverse curve
- Aux: enable sensor mapping
Sun 20 Nov 2011
- [DONE] Add credits Visual Tracker
Thu 27 Oct 2011
- [DONE] Commit last changes (see change log of today)
Wed 12 Oct 2011
- [DONE] Make [switch~] gui buttons much more visible
Wed 24 Aug 2011
- Dump presets in a text file
- [ONGOING] Try out tID lib for more feature extraction
Mon 15 Aug 2011
- [DONE] Test new [analysis] in a live performance
Thu 11 Aug 2011
- [DONE] Check ruler in VisualTracker to manage timeline and related events in XS.
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