Starting code for refactoring kata exercises
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Refactoring Katas

Can you refactor? In really small steps? Can you turn some, frankly, ugly code into a paradigm of elegant, readable, extensible design?

This is a collection of starting files for when practicing refactoring.

Contents so far:

  • Tennis Kata in Java, Python and C++.
  • Gilded Rose Kata in C++, C#, Java, Python, Smalltalk, C and Ruby. (a C# version together with a starting project is already available on github here)
  • Yahtzee Kata in C#, Java, C++ and Python (the C#, C++ and Java versions are also available in Jon Jagger's Cyberdojo, see his blog post)

For more information about these and other katas, you may be interested in my book The Coding Dojo Handbook