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DDS Extension for Akka

This project is part of my Thesis "Quality-of-Service Support in Distributed and Wide-Scale Actor Systems". You can read more information in RTI blog (

Scope of the project is to create an Akka Extension to support RTI Connext DDS.

To deploy the code you have to download and install Akka 2.2.4 (, Scala 2.10.4 (, and RTI Connext DDS (

To test the extension there are included a simple main publisher class (test/MainPublisher.scala) and a main subscriber class (test/MainSubscriber.scala). The publisher will write 100 messages of 128 byte, and the subscriber will log them.

Launch the java command including in the classpath the scala-library.jar, the jars contained in the akka/lib folder and the nddsjava.jar.

To run the publisher application launch the test/MainPublisher.scala from the console:

java -classpath include jar files here test.MainPublisher

To run the subscriber application launch the test/MainSubscriber.scala from the console:

java -classpath include jar files here test.MainSubscriber

You can deploy them in different nodes, they will communicate through RTI Connect DDS.

Or simply, load the project in the Scala IDE ( for Scala 2.10.4, add the needed jars in the Build Path and create a Run Configuration for the publisher and one for the subscriber.

The folder idl contains the data structures needed for communication generated by rtiddsgen using HelloWorld.idl as input.

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