Busybox binary, statically linked
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Busybox for Android, Statically Linked

Compiling yourself

It should be pretty easy to recompile the binary yourself by following these steps:

  1. Get and install the latest GNU/Linux toolchain from here (unless you already have a working toolchain installed). Make sure the binaries directory is in your PATH.
  2. Get and unpack the latest source for Busybox.
  3. Apply busybox-android.patch from the git repo to Busybox source if you want to be able to use the profile and history under Android.
  4. Copy busybox-android.config from the git into Busybox's source root and rename it to .config. Edit it and make sure CONFIG_CROSS_COMPILER_PREFIX is correctly set to your compiler's name.
  5. Run make and you should obtain the busybox binary.