Teaching materials and software for a visual introduction to programming inside the Greenfoot IDE
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GreenfootKara is a combination of the mini-world Kara and Greenfoot to teach introductory programming in Java.


The tutorials and teaching material is on the following websites:

How to use the Source on GitHub

This repository on GitHub contains an eclipse project that contains the source of GreenfootKara and all the scenarios. There is a source folder for the Kara classes and a source folder for the scenarios of each chapter.

To build all Greenfoot scenarios you should use the Ant build file (build.xml). This will ...

  • ... create a target folder containing the scenarios (with and without solutions)
  • ... create another folder containing zip files with scenarios zipped by chapter

Feedback and Bug Report

You can leave comments on the tutorial pages (see above).

For Bug Reports you should create a new issue.