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This plugin is an interface between the Jeelabs infrastructure and Pimatic. Currently there is support for the following sketches:

  • Roomnode - display temperature, humidity, light and motion in the UI

  • RGBRemote - configure RGB settings in the config and set brightness from the UI

  • EC3000 - Energy Count 3000 Monitor (also known as RT-110) Use the Jeelink firmware from FHEM and flash your own hardware (Arduino + RFM12B) or use the Jeelink stick with the firmware flashed. Then configure the Jeelabs module to use the simpleParser and configure the device node id as printed on the device as a decimal number.


      "plugin": "jeelabs",
      "port": "/dev/ttyUSB0",
      "simpleParser": true,
      "active": true
    "devices" : [
      "id": "EC3000TestDevice",
      "class": "EC3000",
      "name": "EC3000 Energy Monitor",
      "nodeid": 23867

    The number 23867 can be calculated from the hexadecimal printed label on the device e.g. in this case 0x5d3b.

Further sketches will follow.