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Update index.html #2

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Jesse Hattabaugh Marco Lago
Jesse Hattabaugh

little grammer fix

Marco Lago marcolago was assigned
Marco Lago marcolago merged commit b736e05 into from
Marco Lago

Thank you.
I really need to improve my english this year.

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Commits on Jan 9, 2013
  1. Jesse Hattabaugh

    Update index.html

    jessehattabaugh authored
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4 index.html
@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@
<div id="/section-1/page-2" class="ft-page" data-id="page-2">
<h1>What is it?</h1>
- <p><strong>Flowtime.js</strong> is a framework for easily build HTML presentations or websites.</p>
+ <p><strong>Flowtime.js</strong> is a framework for easily building HTML presentations or websites.</p>
<p>It’s built with web standards in mind and on top of a solid full page grid layout.</p>
<p>The animations are managed with native and accelerated CSS3 transitions.<br>
Javascript takes care of the navigation behaviour and adds advanced functionalities and configuration options.</p>
@@ -380,4 +380,4 @@ <h1 class="stacked-center">Centered Stacked Images</h1>
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