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BLAS with GNU Autotools
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			BLAS with GNU Autotools


  1. Introduction
  2. License
  3. Install
  4. Usage
  A. Credits
  B. Bugs
  C. Resources

1. Introduction

The BLAS  (Basic Linear Algebra  Subprograms) are routines  that provide
standard  building  blocks  for   performing  basic  vector  and  matrix
operations.  The reference BLAS is a freely-available software package.

  This distribution repackages  the original BLAS and  CBLAS source code
from Netlib under the  configuration and installation framework provided
by  the GNU  Autotools.  It  was last  updated with  BLAS 3.6  and CBLAS

  There are three levels of BLAS operations:

* Level 1, vector operations:

    Y = alpha X + Y

  where X and Y are vectors and alpha is a scalar.

* Level 2, matrix-vector operations:

    Y = alpha A X + beta Y

  where  X and  Y are  vectors, alpha  and beta  are scalar  and A  is a

* Level 3, matrix-matrix operations:

    D = alpha A B + C

  where A, B, C and D are matrices and alpha is a scalar.

2. License

The  reference  BLAS is  a  freely-available  software package.   It  is
available from Netlib  via anonymous FTP and the World  Wide Web.  Thus,
it can be  included in commercial software packages (and  has been).  We
only ask that proper credit be given to the authors.

  Like all software,  it is copyrighted.  It is not  trademarked, but we
do ask the following:

* If you modify the source for these routines we ask that you change the
  name of the routine and comment the changes made to the original.

* If a modification  is done it is the responsibility  of the person who
  modified the routine to provide support.

3. Install

From a proper distribution tarball, we can do this, after extracting the

    $ cd atblas-3.6.0
    $ mkdir build
    $ cd build

to inspect the available configuration options:

    $ ../configure --help

then do it:

    $ ../configure [options]
    $ make
    $ make check
    $ make install

  To build  the code from a  repository checkout, we must  first install
the GNU Autotools.  Then we run the following script from the top source
directory of ATBLAS:

    $ cd atblas
    $ sh

for  this  we  need  to  have installed  the  GNU  Autotools:  Automake,
Autoconf, Libtool.  We should now  see the executable "configure" script
and the ""  file.  From now on everything is  the same as for
building  from  a  proper  release  tarball, but  we  have  to  run  the
"configure" script enabling the maintainer mode:

    $ mkdir build
    $ cd build
    $ ../configure --enable-maintainer-mode [options]
    $ make
    $ make check
    $ make install

  The  Makefile supports  the  DESTDIR environment  variable to  install
files in a temporary location, example: to see what will happen:

    $ make -n install DESTDIR=/tmp/atblas

to really do it:

    $ make install DESTDIR=/tmp/atblas

4. Usage

Read the documentation.

A. Credits

BLAS  and  CBLAS  are  written  and  maintained  by  the  people  behind
<>.  The GNU Autotools integration was written by Marco Maggi.

B. Bugs

Bug reports about  the repackaging are appreciated.   Register issues at
the ATBLAS issue tracker:


C. Resources

The GNU Project software can be found here:


BLAS and CBLAS are available at:


the development of this package takes place at:


and as backup at:


the last revision of this package is available from:


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