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@@ -7,10 +7,7 @@ Subject: [announce] Vicare Scheme revision 0.2d1
Vicare Scheme is an R6RS compliant fork of Ikarus Scheme, aiming to be a
native compiler for R6 Scheme producing single threaded programs running
on Intel x86 32-bit processors; Vicare is officially not ready for
-64-bit machines. "Vicare" is pronounced the etruscan way. Vicare is a
-fork of Ikarus Scheme, an almost R6RS compliant implementation of the
-Scheme programming language by Abdulaziz Ghuloum.
+64-bit machines. "Vicare" is pronounced the etruscan way.
The latest version of this package can be downloaded from Github,
check first for the latest tagged revision:
@@ -54,7 +51,7 @@ Notes for revision 0.2d1
* Introduced the configuration option "--disable-arguments-validation"
to exclude at expansion-time code validating arguments to functions.
- At present not many modules support this feature.
+ At present only a few modules support this feature.
* Review of command line options and execution modes. Added options
"--print-assembly" and "--print-optimizer", at present neither very

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