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A native compiler for Scheme compliant with R6RS
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                             Vicare Scheme


  1. Introduction
  2. License
  4. Install
  5. Testing
  6. Policy
  7. Contributing
  A. Credits
  B. Bug reports
  C. Resources

1. Introduction

Scheme is  a statically scoped  and properly tail--recursive  dialect of
the  Lisp programming  language invented  by  Guy Lewis  Steele Jr.  and
Gerald Jay Sussman.  It was  designed to have an exceptionally clear and
simple semantics and few different ways to form expressions.

  The  "Revised^6 Report  on the  Algorithmic Language  Scheme"  gives a
defining description of the  programming language Scheme.  The report is
the work  of many  people in the  course of  many years; revision  6 was
edited by Michael  Sperber, R. Kent Dybvig, Matthew  Flatt and Anton Van

  Ikarus Scheme is an almost R6RS compliant implementation of the Scheme
programming  language; it is  the creation  of Abdulaziz  Ghuloum, which
retired from  development in 2010.   Vicare Scheme is an  R6RS compliant
fork  of Ikarus  Scheme, aiming  at becoming  a native  compiler  for R6
Scheme producing  single threaded programs  running on Intel  x86 32-bit
processors;  Vicare  is  officially   not  ready  for  64-bit  machines.
"Vicare" is pronounced the etruscan way.

  Current official maintainers are:

Marco Maggi <>

2. License

Copyright (c) 2011 Marco Maggi <>
Copyright (c) 2006-2010 Abdulaziz Ghuloum <>
Modified by the Vicare contributors.

This program is free software:  you can redistribute it and/or modify it
under the  terms of the GNU  General Public License as  published by the
Free Software Foundation,  either version 3 of the  License, or (at your
option) any later version.

This program  is distributed  in the  hope that it  will be  useful, but
WITHOUT   ANY   WARRANTY;  without   even   the   implied  warranty   of
General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy  of the GNU General Public License along
with this program.  If not, see <>.

4. Install

After checking out a revision from the repository, we will have to build
the infrastructure running a script from the top source directory:

   $ cd /path/to/vicare
   $ sh

after  that, or  if we  have downloaded  a proper  distribution tarball,
basically we should do:

   $ mkdir "=build"
   $ cd "=build"
   $ ../configure
   $ make
   $ make install

  To test what a rule will do use the "-n" option; example:

    $ make install -n

  The "Makefile" supports the  "DESTDIR" environment variable to install
the files under a temporary location; example:

    $ make install DESTDIR=/tmp/marco/vicare

5. Testing

Test  files  are  located  in  the "tests"  directory;  the  files  with
extension  ".sps" are  Scheme  programs.  They  are  partitioned in  two
families: the files whose name  start with "long-test" need some time to
be executed  by a  powerless computer; the  files whose name  start with
"test" can  be run in  reasonable time on  any system.  The  files whose
name contains "r6rs" are R6RS compliance tests by Matthew Flatt.

  The "make check",  "make test" and "make tests"  commands run the same
set of  "quick" tests; the "check"  makefile rule uses  the GNU Automake

  The "make long-test"  and "make long-tests" commands run  the same set
of time-consuming tests.

  It  is possible  to select  a  single test  file by  using the  "file"
variable on the command line of "make"; for example:

   $ make test file=equal-hash

will run the  "test-issue-001-equal-hash.sps" file.  The "file" variable
is used to expand a file name with wildcards as in "test-*$(file)*.sps".

  It  is possible to  run "vicare"  from the  build directory  with user
selected command line arguments doing:

   $ make test-run user_flags='...'

where the contents  of the "user_flags" variable are  placed directly on
the command line.

6. Policy

Vicare has the following short and midterm goals:

* Allow the installation  of both Ikarus and Vicare  without conflict in
  installed files and directories.

* Document  the  internals  of   the  distribution,  both  the  building
  infrastructure and the source code.

* Fix bugs.

* Enforce compliance with R6RS, keeping a pragmatic eye at issues.

* Enhance the POSIX interface.

* Avoid the distribution of companion libraries: only code directly used
  in Vicare's internals is distribted.   It is always possible to fork a
  branch  and build a  "batteries included"  distribution as  a separate

7. Contributing

If you  feel the need to  contribute bug reports, bug  fixes, patches or
documentation to  Vicare Scheme: you  are welcome.  For bug  reports and
patches, you should adhere to the following rules:

* Vicare  is hosted  at  GitHub, so  first  of all  an  issue should  be
  registered at the development site:


* Patches are accepted  only if they come with  documentation and tests,
  but  drop a  note to  the maintainers  anyway.  For  patches enhancing
  compliance with R6RS, documentation is not needed.

* Big and revolutionary patches will be rejected.  It is always possible
  to  fork a  branch and  develop whatever  experimental reorganisation,
  rewriting or  enhancement (for example  support for other  CPUs).  Big
  changes can be merged later if they are successful.

  For  documentation  contributions,  you  can email  directly  Vicare's
maintainers  with  or  without   opening  an  issue  about  undocumented
features.  Documentation in patches should  be added to the Texinfo file
"doc/vicare.texi",  but pure  ASCII documentation  may be  accepted (and
formatted by the maintainer) if it is not too long.

  Tests  for  patches must  be  added  under  the "tests"  subdirectory,
ideally by creating a new test file.

A. Credits

The  original Ikarus  Scheme  code  is the  work  of Abdulaziz  Ghuloum.
Vicare Scheme  is a  fork driven by  Marco Maggi.  See  the CONTRIBUTORS
file for the list of contributors to Vicare Scheme.

  The R6RS compatibility tests are  by Matthew Flatt and are distributed
under the GNU GPL version 2, or any later version.

  The implementation  of the function  BITWISE-REVERSE-BIT-FIELD is from
original  code  in:  Ypsilon  Scheme  System,  Copyright  (c)  2004-2009
Y. FUJITA / LittleWing  Company Limited.  See the file "COPYING.ypsilon"
for terms and conditions of use of this function.

B. Bug reports

Bug reports  are appreciated, register  them using the issue  tracker at
Vicare's GitHub site:


C. Resources

The latest version of this  package can be downloaded from Github, check
first for the latest tagged revision:


and then in the download area:


the home page of the Vicare project is at:


development takes place at:


this project has a mailing list:


  It  is suggested to  use Vicare  Scheme along  with Nausicaa,  a large
collection of R6 Scheme libraries:


  The home page of the R6RS standard is at:


  Other known implementations of R6 Scheme:

Chez Scheme	<>
Larceny		<>
Mosh		<>
Racket		<>
Ypsilon		<>

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