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LaunchBar Actions

Search OSStatus

This action uses to look up information about error codes on Apple’s platforms. This is useful if you’re a developer who wants to look up some error code or constant but you don’t know in which framework or in which header it is defined.

As a bonus, if you have Xcode installed (either as /Applications/ or /Applications/, the search results let you browse the related frameworks and header files directly in the respective SDK.

Create New Swift Playground

Oftentimes, I just want to try something out in a clean Playground, but switching to Xcode, creating a new Playground and (most importantly) then deciding how to name it and where to save it is just no fun for me.

That’s why I wrote a LaunchBar Action that just creates a new Playground and opens it right away. You can optionally enter a name for the Playground, but you don’t have to (a timestamped name is used by default).

It’s written in Swift 2.2, so Xcode 7.3 is required.

Swift Demangle

Uses “xcrun swift-demangle” to convert a mangled Swift symbol name to a human-readable Swift symbol name. Handy for quickly selecting some mangled symbol and sending it to LaunchBar via Instant Send, then demangling the symbol.

Here’s a mangled name for you to try: __TFCCC4test1a1b1c1dfS2_FTS0_1xS1_1vFT1xSi_Si_OVS_1e1f

For more information, read Mike Ash’s post on Swift Name Mangling.


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