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A Gatsby Starter Blog using Airtable as backend
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Gatsby Airtable Advanced Starter

This is a blog starter skeleton for Gatsby v2 using Airtable as source.

This project aims to provide a minimal base for building advanced GatsbyJS powered blog, without UI limitations.

NOTE: This project is based on Gatsby Advanced Starter, thanks Vagr9K for the inspiration.


🚀 Here a LIVE DEMO of the site.

These are the airtable bases used to generate posts and authors:

airtable screenshot 👉 Navigate the view Blog

airtable screenshot 👉 Navigate the view Authors

Getting Started

Fork the project or clone it:

git clone YourProjectName # Clone the project
cd YourProjectname
rm -rf .git # So you can have your own changes stored in VCS.
npm install # or yarn install
gatsby develop 

create files .env.development and .env.production to set Airtable config:


NOTE: remember to not commit these files in your repository for security reason.

Now you are ready to start editing the data/SiteConfig.js.

module.exports = {
  siteTitle: "Gastsby Airtable Advanced Starter", // Site title.
  siteTitleShort: "Gatsby Airtable", // Short site title for homescreen (PWA). Preferably should be under 12 characters to prevent truncation.
  siteTitleAlt: "Starter Blog with Gatsby and Airtable", // Alternative site title for SEO.
  siteLogo: "/logos/logo-1024.png", // Logo used for SEO and manifest.
  siteUrl: "", // Domain of your website without pathPrefix.
  pathPrefix: "/gatsby-airtable-advanced-starter", // Prefixes all links. For cases when deployed to 
  siteDescription: "A GatsbyJS stater blog with Airtable.", // Website description used for RSS feeds/meta description tag.
  siteRss: "/rss.xml", // Path to the RSS file.
  siteFBAppID: "1XXXXXXXXXXX9", // FB Application ID for using app insights
  googleAnalyticsID: "MM-XXXXXXXX-1", // GA tracking ID.
  disqusShortname: "gatsby-airtable-advanced-starter", // Disqus shortname.
  postDefaultCategoryID: "Tech", // Default category for posts.
  dateFormat: "DD/MM/YYYY", // Date format for display.
  copyright: "Copyright © 2019", // Copyright string for the footer of the website and RSS feed.
  themeColor: "#c62828", // Used for setting manifest and progress theme colors.
  backgroundColor: "#e0e0e0" // Used for setting manifest background color.


  • Gatsby v2 support
  • Posts in Markdown
    • Code syntax highlighting
    • Embed YouTube videos
    • Embed Tweets
  • Tags
    • Separate page for posts under each tag
  • Categories
    • Separate page for posts under each category
  • Disqus support
  • Google Analytics support
  • Social features
    • Twitter tweet button
    • Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, Telegram share/share count
  • SEO
    • Sitemap generation
    • robots.txt
    • ...
  • RSS feeds
  • Offline support
  • Web App Manifest support
  • /static/ and content folders are available to use with gatsby-image out of the box
  • Netlify deploy configuration
  • And More!

WARNING: Make sure to edit static/robots.txt to include your domain for the sitemap!

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