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Other examples

In this directory you will find other special examples, or examples that might need other external modules.

git clone
cd vtkplotter/examples/other
python  # on mac OSX try 'pythonw' instead

(click thumbnail image to get to the python script)

Generate a list of N colors starting from color1 to color2 in RGB or HSV space.
Make an icon image and place it in one of the 4 corners.
Generate a draggable inset rendering of a set of actors.
Expand an arbitrary closed shape in spherical harmonics using package SHTOOLS and truncate the expansion to a specific order.
Make a video of a rotating spider (needs linux ffmpeg).
Set offscreen=True to only produce the video without any graphical window showing.
Printing in colors to the terminal.
Available colors:
0-black, 1-red, 2-green, 3-yellow, 4-blue, 5-magenta, 6-cyan, 7-white
Available modifiers:
c (foreground color), bc (background color), hidden, bold, blink, underline, dim, invert, box
Self organizing maps (by N. Rougier).
Solve a random maze with Markovian Decision Process (by N. Rougier).
Embed a 3D scene in a webpage with x3dom.
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