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Simulation examples

In this directory you will find a set of examples of a number of simulations.

git clone
cd vtkplotter/examples/simulations
python  # on mac OSX try 'pythonw' instead

(click thumbnail image to get to the python script)

Simulation of a spring in a viscous medium.
Simulation of the Brownian motion of a large red particle in a swarm of small particles.
The spheres collide elastically with themselves and with the walls of the box.
Simulation of three bacteria types that divide at a specified rate. As they divide they occupy more and more space.
Simulation of the classic double slit experiment.
Any number of slits of any geometry can be described. Slit sources are placed on the plane shown as a thin grid.
Can simulate the Arago spot, the bright point at the center of a circular object shadow.
A model of an ideal gas with hard-sphere collisions.
Gyroscope hanging from a spring.
Gyroscope sitting on a pedestal at one end.
The analysis is made in terms of Lagrangian mechanics.
Simulation of an elastic multiple pendulums with viscous friction.
Solve the Tower of Hanoi puzzle (contributed by G. Jacquenot).
Two acrobatic planes casting shadows and leaving a trail.
Simulates interacting charged particles in 3D space.
Quantum Tunnelling effect using 4th order Runge-Kutta method with arbitrary potential shape.
The animation shows the evolution of a particle of relatively well defined momentum (hence undefined position) in a box hitting a potential barrier. The wave function is forced to be zero at the box walls.
Quantum-tunnelling effect integrating the Schroedinger equation with 4th order Runge-Kutta method. The animation shows the evolution of a particle in a box hitting a sinusoidal potential barrier.
Visualizing a Turing system of reaction-diffusion between two molecules.
A GPU simulation of system of reaction-diffusion between two species.
Simulate a collection of discrete coupled oscillators. We use this as a model of a vibrating string and compare two methods of integration: Euler and Runge-Kutta4.
pianoplayer Finding and animating the optimal fingering to play a piano score with
pianoplayer 2.0
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