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Use a scalar to paint colored bands on a mesh,
this can be combined with opacities values for each vertex of the mesh.
useDepthPeeling improves the rendering of translucent objects.
from vtkplotter import *
from numpy import linspace
settings.useDepthPeeling = True
doc = Text(__doc__, c="k", bg="lg")
hyp = Hyperboloid()
scalars = hyp.getPoints()[:, 2] # let z-coord be the scalar
hyp.pointColors(scalars, bands=5, cmap="rainbow") # make color bands
tor = Torus(thickness=0.3)
scalars = tor.getPoints()[:, 2] # let z-coord be the scalar
transp = linspace(1, 0.5, len(scalars)) # set transparencies from 1 -> .5
tor.pointColors(scalars, alpha=transp, bands=3, cmap="winter")
show(hyp, tor, doc, viewup="z", axes=2)
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