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"""Insert 2D and 3D scalarbars
in the rendering scene"""
from vtkplotter import load, datadir, show, Text
shape = load(datadir + "lamp.vtk").normalize()
ms = []
cmaps = ("jet", "PuOr", "viridis")
for i in range(3):
s = shape.clone().pos(0, i*2.2, 0)
# colorize cells
scals = range(s.NCells())
s.cellColors(scals, cmap=cmaps[i])
# Or
# colorize vertices:
#scals = s.getPoints()[:,i] # define some dummy point scalar
#s.pointColors(scals, cmap=cmaps[i])
# use flat shading and add a 2D scalar bar to first mesh
ms[0].flat().addScalarBar(title="my scalarbar\nnumber #0", c="k")
# add 3D scalar bars
ms[1].addScalarBar3D(pos=(1.0, 2.2, -1.8), c="k")
ms[2].addScalarBar3D(pos=(1.0, 4.6, -0.5), c="k",
sy=2.8, # change y-size
title="A viridis 3D\nscalarbar to play with",
titleXOffset=-2, # offset of labels
titleSize=1.5).rotateX(90) # make it vertical
show(ms, Text(__doc__), bg="white", axes=1, viewup='z')
# can save colors to vtk or ply format:
#ms[1].write('lamp.ply', binary=False)
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