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"""Customizing axes style
(30 control parameters)"""
# check out parameters usage at:
from vtkplotter import *
b = Box(pos=(0,0,0), length=90, width=80, height=70).alpha(0)
show(b, Text(__doc__), bg='white',
'xtitle':'Some long variable description [a.u.]',
'ytitle':'This is my \ncustomized y-axis',
'ztitle':'z values go here!',
'numberOfDivisions':4, # number of divisions on the shortest axis
'axesLineWidth': 2,
'gridLineWidth': 1,
'enableLastLabel':True, # show last numeric label on axes
'titleDepth':0, # extrusion fractional depth of title text
'xyGrid':True, # show a gridded wall on plane xy
'zxGrid2':False, # show zx plane on opposite side of the bounding box
'xyGridColor':'darkgreen', # line color
'xyAlpha':0.2, # plane opacity
'showTicks':True, # show major ticks
'xTitlePosition': 0.5, # title fractional positions along axis
'xTitleOffset':0.02, # title fractional offset distance from axis line
'zTitleBackfaceColor':'red', # color of axis title on the backface
'xHighlightZero':True, # draw a line highlighting zero position if in range
'xMinorTicks':3, # number of minor ticks btw two major ticks
'tipSize':0.01, # size of the arrow tip cone
'xTicksPrecision':2, # nr. of significative digits to be shown
'xLabelSize':0.02, # size of the numeric labels along axis
'xLabelOffset': -0.05, # offset of numeric labels
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