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A device to facilitate communication of children with difficulties, powered by Artificial Intelligence
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Easy Talk - Hello Frog

Repository Easy Talk - Hello Frog, a project born inside the program "Ambizione Italia" sponsored by Microsoft and powered by Fondazione Mondo Digitale.


We propose a technology to facilitate learning of social skills and educational activities for both verbal and non-verbal language in order to help people with communication difficulties. Our proposed technology is composed by a portable device, with a small color screen, a microphone, a speaker and two cameras, that act as a facilitator in the communication between a person with difficulties and other people. The device “listen to” the conversation between these people and figure out their emotional state. If their emotional state diverges, probably due to a misunderstanding of emotional states, the device enters into action trying to help the conversation and resolve the misunderstanding.


Please see the design


Please see the code

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