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CUID generator for Perl 6. 🆔 🦋 🔢 ⚙️
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CUID generator for Perl 6.

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Once CPU power and host machines are increased, UUIDs become prone to collisions. To avoid such collisions, developers often resort to database round trips just to check/detect a possible collision, and thus, perform a new ID generation which doesn't collide. But nowadays, databases are the major software bottleneck of our services, and that round trips are too expensive (we lost scalability a lot)!

CUIDs are a solution for that sort of problem. Due the monotonically increasing nature, we can also leverage that to improve database performance (most specifically, dealing with primary keys). CUIDs contain host machine fingerprints to avoid ID collision among the network nodes, and they could even work generating CUIDs offline without any problem.

For more information, see:

Important Notes

This library is thread-safe regarding internal state counter.


Inside this root directory project, just type:

$ zef --force install .

As an alternative, you could type as well:

$ make install


To generate full CUIDs, use the cuid function:

use CUID;

my $cuid = cuid( );

$cuid.say; # ===> c1xyr5kms0000qb8qtlakvjsj

For slugs (short and weak CUIDs), use the following cuid-slug function:

use CUID;

my $cuid-slug = cuid-slug( );

$cuid-slug.say; # ===> f900qqno

Final Notes

Happy hacking, kiddo!

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