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Composable Concurrency Abstractions for JavaScript.


#!/usr/bin/env node

(async () => {
  const sporadic = require('sporadic')
  const channel = await

  const wasReceivedPromise = sporadic.channels.send(channel, "Hello, World!")
  const messagePromise = sporadic.channels.receive(channel)
  const promises = [ wasReceivedPromise, messagePromise ]

  const [ wasReceived, message ] = await Promise.all(promises)
  console.log(wasReceived) // ==> true
  console.log(message) // ==> Hello, World!


Through UNPKG (for browsers):

<script src=""></script>

Through NPM:

$ npm install sporadic

To install the development snapshot, use npm link. For example, on this cloned repository:

$ npm link .

And then, on your project:

$ npm link sporadic

Stable releases are tags in the branch release. The master branch here is only to track the next releases, please don't rely too much on that branch. All the hard work is made on the development branch.


For every submodule within this sporadic library, there's an API documentation available at the directory docs/ under the filename, where SUBMODULE stands for the submodule provided with this library (yes, I know the redundancy 😂). Each submodule corresponds to a concurrency abstraction. Currently, the following abstractions are implemented:

  • sporadic.streams, an abstraction for reactive streams made of multiple publishers and multiple subscribers. The subscription process is implicit, the reference for the stream object is all that is needed.
  • sporadic.channels, an abstraction for synchronous queues made of many producers and consumers. This concurrent data type is a bare minimal tool for pipelines of chained producers and consumers.
  • sporadic.coroutines, an abstraction for suspendable subroutines. Such abstraction also behaves as a task/promise whenever we wait for the final coroutine result (but keep in mind that coroutines can "loop" forever). It's kinda like the JavaScript generators, with the sole difference of being asynchronous instead synchronous calls (and thus, allowing us to mix asynchronous I/O with that).


PRs & Issues are always welcome 🏠! Feel free to open one ✌️! Happy hacking 💻!


FOSSA Status