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Webisan is a simple Web Interface for Laravel Artisan yet pretty complete. Webisan is based on Bestmomo work with NiceArtisan, adding some key features:

  • Auto updates available commands (using Artisan command)
  • Has a built-in feature to hide some commands from the interface (link the DOWN command.)
  • Has an easier way to customize routes Bestmomo is the guy who really started this, without is project, this didn't happen. Cheers to him!



    composer require marcop93/webisan dev-master

The next required step is to add the service provider to config/app.php :


Now it must work with this url :



If you want to use this package on a production application you should have your own routes defined.

Next are the default routes, you should edit as you want, specially to apply some security to them.

Remember: Webisan for itself is BIG security breach, it's your job to protect your app on your own!

Route::group(['prefix' => '/webisan'], function () {
    Route::get('/settings', '\Marcop93\Webisan\WebisanController@settings');
    Route::post('/settings', '\Marcop93\Webisan\WebisanController@settingsSave');
    Route::post('/command/{class}', '\Marcop93\Webisan\WebisanController@run');
    Route::get('/{option?}/{search?}', '\Marcop93\Webisan\WebisanController@show');
    Route::post('/search', '\Marcop93\Webisan\WebisanController@search');

After setting your own routes, you should go to Settings page and set "Use custom routes".