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About BBCode

Bulletin Board Code or BBCode is a lightweight markup language used to format posts in CandyCMS. Valid tags surrounded by square brackets will be replaced with predefined HTML-Code or macros. While administrators can use HTML for blogs, contents etc. as well, guests or basic users are restricted to format postings via BBCode (if they want to).

More about BBCode can be found here:

Enable BBCode

As an administrator, you must include the BBCode plugin in order to use BBCode. Do so by adding it to the allowed plugins in the "config/".

Supported tags

CandyCMS supports following tags:

Similar to HTML

  • [hr] - Simple horizontal rule
  • [p]text / element[/p] - Puts text / elements into a new paragraph
  • [b]text[/b] - Formates text bold
  • [i]text[/i] - Formates text italic
  • [u]text[/u] - Underlines text

Text formatting

  • [center]text / element[/center] - Center text / elements
  • [left]text / element[/left] - Left align text / elements
  • [right]text / element[/right] - Right align text / elements
  • [del]text[/del] - Shows the text with a line-through
  • [box]text[/box] - Surrounds text with a box
  • [abbr=title]text[/abbr] - similar to HTML-abbr
  • [acronym=title]text[/acronym] - similar to HTML-acronym
  • [color=hexcode]text[/color] - Changes text color
  • [size=percent]text[/size] - Changes text size
  • [site=url]text[/site] - Internal link
  • [url=url]text[/url] - External link
  • [anchor:name] - Places an anchor with given name
  • [toggle][/toggle] - Hide text / elements and show on click
  • [quote]text[/quote] - Quote text
  • [quote=source]text[/quote] - Quote text and show source

Media formatting

  • [icon:name] - Shows image icon (must be local)
  • [img:url] - Shows a local image
  • [img]url[/img] - Show image and resize if needed
  • [img=title]url[/img] - Add an image description (appears below)
  • [video]url[/video] - Include a video (mp4, WebM or OGG)
  • [video width height]url[/video] - Include a video with given values in px (mp4, WebM or OGG)
  • [video width height image]url[/video] - Include a video with given values in px and show image as preview (mp4, WebM or OGG)
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