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The Android program Rftrack was developed to allow the low cost monitoring of TVWS frequencies (TV White Spaces), frequencies left partially empty following the passage of TV to the Digital Terrestrial in various countries.

For example, technically these frequencies can be used to provide broadband network or other services in rural, marginal and isolated areas.

After several monitoring campaigns performed worldwide to measure the spectrum occupation, was concluded that:

  1. Most of the spectrum is underused.

  2. To evaluate the real occupation, are necessary additional measurements at different locations, performed for longer times.

  3. costs (for equipment) and the time required to perform measurements have a strong impact on the implementation of the measuring campaigns.

The application RfTrack collects data from a portable spectrum analyzer RFExplorer, transforming tablet or Android smartphones in low cost / low power monitoring systems, especially useful in developing countries, where TVWS frequencies have the most potential for use.


Marco Rainone (, for the "Guglielmo Marconi" ICTP Wireless Laboratory (

References on TVWS:

“TV White Spaces: A pragmatic approach”, edited by E.Pietrosemoli and M.Zennaro