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Connects Firebase to a RecyclerView
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⚠️ This project is no longer maintained ⚠️

Infinite Fire

A small library that helps you connecting Firebase to a RecyclerView.

Inspired by the official FirebaseUI-Android library.


Add your own google-services.json to the app folder to run the demo app! Use the following rules for your database:

  "rules": {
    ".read": "auth != null",
    ".write": "auth != null",
    "chat": {
      ".read": "true",
      "$chat": {
        ".write": "true",
        ".validate": "newData.hasChildren(['name', 'text'])",
        "name": {".validate": "true"},
        "text": {".validate": "true"},
        "$other": {".validate": "false"}

How to use Infinite Fire

The core of Infinite Fire is the InfiniteFireArray.

InfiniteFireArray<ModelClass> array = new InfiniteFireArray<>(
        // Your model's class. InfiniteFireArray uses DataSnapshot#getValue(ModelClass.class) to marshal 
        // DataSnapshots to ModelClass.
        // Your Firebase Query.
        // Do NOT use Query#limitToFirst() or Query#limitToLast(), InfiniteFireArray will do that for you.
        // Do sort your Query by using Query#orderByKey() or Query#orderByString(String)

        // The number of inital items.
        // InfiniteFireArray will limit the Query using this int.

        // This number of items loaded each time you call InfiniteFireArray.more().
        // InfiniteFireArray will use this number to raise the limit of the initial Query.

        // Defines if your Query will be limited using Query#limitToFirst() or Query#limitToLast()
        // In most cases you want this to be false to load the newest items first.

        // Defines if InfiniteFireArray changes the order of the items after the inital load.
        // For more info see below.

Then implement InfiniteFireRecyclerViewAdapter and pass the InfiniteFireArray as parameter.

class MyRecyclerView extends InfiniteFireRecyclerViewAdapter {...}
MyRecyclerView recyclerView = new MyRecyclerView(array);

For more information take a look at the examples.



Use InfiniteFireArray#more() to implement a scroll-to-load-more pattern. It raises the limit of your Query incrementally.


Firebase offers real-time functionality. InfiniteFireArray uses the Query#addChildEventListener() to keep your data up to date.

There are use-cases though in which constantly changing the order of your items results in a really bad user experience. Think about a grid view that is sorted by a value that changes a lot, e.g. a comments counter -- your view would look like a memory game.

InfiniteFireArray allows you to maintain the order while still updating the existing items in real-time. Implementing a SwipeRefreshLayout allows you to call InfiniteArray#reset() to "reload" the data and set the limit of the Query to its orignial limit.

Loading events.

Attach a InfiniteFireArray.OnLoadingStatusListener to receive loading events.

Please note that these events only indicate when the inital sync is completed. InfiniteFireArray will still receive real-time updates without dispatching further events after the inital sync.

How to install Infinite Fire

Get it from Jitpack via Gradle or Maven.