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Joomla! Module to display your YouTube Channel
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Joomla! Module to display your YouTube Channel


  • Automatically loads Playlists & Videos (inside Playlists) of your Youtube Channel
  • Uses Youtube no-Cookie Player
  • Background Video or Imageslideshow
  • Server Caching -> stores Channel, Playlist & Video Infos for a defined time
  • wide option set
  • define background color (also for recommendet section)

Module Demo

A Frontend-Demo of this Module is available here

How to get a Youtube API Key

You need a Youtube API Key to use this module.

  1. Go to and log in or create an account, if necessary.
  2. After logging in go to this link and click on the blue CREATE PROJECT button as depicted in the photo below. Wait a moment as google prepares your project.
  3. Fill in whatever Project Name you want.
  4. Then click GoogleAPIs link in the top left corner and then click the link option called “YouTube Data API.” It’s under YouTube API’s. You can see it highlighted in the photo below, bottom right.
  5. Now click on the “ENABLE” button.
  6. Next click on the blue ‘Go to Credentials’ button to the right.
  7. Choose the select option YouTube Data API v3 for the first select option and Web server(e.g. node js. Tomcat) for the second selection. Then choose Public data. Now click the blue button, “What credentials do I need?.”
  8. Almost done, wait for google to create your new project and you should see the screen where you can copy your API Key.
  9. Paste the API Key in our nx-tubeflix Module Settings Base Configuration screen.
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