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Check out my blog posts regarding the tool:


Add the account to all teams to backup. Ensure he has access to all private channels or private channels will not be backedup

Run executable with parameter for the environment "--environment Production"


Azure AD App registration

I tested the setup as a Global Administrator and you should also use a Global Admin to setup.

You can setup the application via the includes scripts:

  • Using Azure AD PowerShell module (manuel admin consent)
    • .\deploy\create-aadapp.ps1
    • Change the name of the app to your liking ($appName)
  • Using Azure CLI (including admin consent)
    • .\deploy\create-aadapp-cli.ps1
    • Change the name of the app to your liking ($appName)

Or for a manuel setup through the Azure portal:

  • Name: e.g. dev-GKMM-msteamsbackup-app
  • Supported account types: My organization only
  • Authentication
    • Add mobile and desktop
    • Advanced Settings
      • Allow public client flows: Yes
  • API Permission
    • MS Graph
      • Delegate
        • Channel.ReadBasic.All
        • ChannelMember.Read.All
        • ChannelMessage.Read.All
        • ChannelSettings.Read.All
        • Group.Read.All
        • GroupMember.Read.All
        • Team.ReadBasic.All
        • TeamMember.Read.All
        • TeamSettings.Read.All
        • TeamsTab.Read.All
    • Grant admion consent for ORG



  • M365
  • AzureAd
  • Backup
    • Path: Output directory for the JSON files
    • JsonWriteIndented: Use pretty (easy to read) JSON with formating. Setting to "false" will save some space.
    • TeamId: Optional. If filled only this team will be used for backup



  • M365
    • Html
      • SourcePath: Location of the JSON files
      • TargetPath: Location the HTMLs will be saved to
      • TemplateFile: Html templated loaded for every html file. Allows styling (css) of the content
      • UseInlineImages: Create a single HTML file and all images are BASE64 encoded. Note: Html will be very large!
      • CreateSingleHtmlForMessage: In addition to the channel.html file every thread will also be saved as a HTML message. Could be a benefit for SharePoint search, display in SPO and smaller files in general.