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# Azure CLI must be installed
# User must be able to create apps and consent (Global Admin, ...)
$appName = "dev-GKMM-msteamsbackup-app"; #Change for example GKMM to your tenant
$servicePrincipalName = "Microsoft Graph";
$servicePrincipalNameOauth2Permissions = @("Channel.ReadBasic.All", "ChannelMember.Read.All", "ChannelMessage.Read.All", "ChannelSettings.Read.All", "Group.Read.All", "GroupMember.Read.All", "Team.ReadBasic.All", "TeamMember.Read.All", "TeamSettings.Read.All", "TeamsTab.Read.All");
az login --use-device-code --allow-no-subscriptions
$servicePrincipalId = az ad sp list --filter "displayname eq '$servicePrincipalName'" --query '[0].appId' | ConvertFrom-Json
$reqGraph = @{
resourceAppId = $servicePrincipalId
resourceAccess = @()
(az ad sp show --id $servicePrincipalId --query oauth2Permissions | ConvertFrom-Json) | Where-Object { $_.value -in $servicePrincipalNameOauth2Permissions} | ForEach-Object {
$permission = $_
$delPermission = @{
id = $permission.Id
type = "Scope"
$reqGraph.resourceAccess += $delPermission
Set-Content ./required_resource_accesses.json -Value ("[" + ($reqGraph | ConvertTo-Json) + "]")
$newapp = az ad app create --display-name $appName --available-to-other-tenants false --native-app true --required-resource-accesses `@required_resource_accesses.json | ConvertFrom-Json
az ad app permission admin-consent --id $newapp.appId
"ClientId: " + $newapp.appId;
"TenantId: " + (az account show | ConvertFrom-Json).tenantId;