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Liferay-6.2-with-Bootstrap-3.x-theme (Currently Bootstrap 3.3.7)

This project provide one of ways to remove Bootstrap 2.3.2 from Liferay 6.2 and use Bootstrap 3.x. For this I created a new directory called "bs3" into AUI directory, here "Bootstrap 3 SASS" files are placed, and two custom files:

  • _bs2_extender.scss: This file extend Bootstrap 2.3.2 classes with equals from Bootstrap 3.x
  • _bs_liferay_fixes.scss: some fixes in Liferay componets based on BS2

This theme does not require any change in portal code, it is only a Liferay 6.2 theme.

Using these CSS files in a Lieray theme

  • If you are using new SDK based on Gulp, please, copy CSS files to src/css
  • If instead you are using the normal SDK, please, copy CSS files to _diffs/css

This repository has branches with previous bootstrap implementations, by the moment:

Example of this theme applied in Liferay 6.2 GA6

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