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Angular2 (Alpha 47) playground with Echonest API and RxJs
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Angular2 (Alpha 47) playground with Echonest API.

You may also want to have a look at the two complementary blog posts I wrote about this sample project, for a (nearly) step-by-step explanation.


#Description Since Angular 2 is still in alpha, the documentation is scarce and/or incomplete and/or outdated. This sample aims to provide real-life and up-to-dateish examples of use :

  • Querying an API with http module and using the data
  • Using the router, using router-parameters
  • Passing data from parent to child component through @Input()
  • ng-for, ng-if, etc.
  • Using pipes
  • Holding the app state in a Reactive store

There isn't a styleguide that carry nearly-authoritative weight right now (As there was John Papa's for Angular 1), but this sample tries to follow some concepts I picked from using React/redux, where smart components do the heavy lifting and pass the data to their dumb childs.

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