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This repository contains tools for help LibreOffice development.

Show all includes and "using namespaces" entries that are duplicated in a cxx, hxx, c and in h file.

Show to us where are used the old strings classes, and these classes need to be replaced.

Shows where are used chained appends. This appends needs to be replaced by string concatenation, to be more fast in C++.

Shows where are used some methods for string comparison. These can be replaced by == operator. Much more simpler.

Show files that are using sal_uLong or/and sal_uIntPtr. These types must be converted to sal_uInt32, sal_uInt64, size_t or "unsigned int" according to situation.

Show how many lines of code a developer has inserted, has changed, and how much commit he did.

Manteiner: Marcos Paulo de Souza

Installs all necessary dependencies for compile and build LO, and download the LO code using git.

Manteiner: Ricardo Montania

A script who actually find these types of unused codes: unused macros dead ifdefs - without defines. This is script will grow ASAP, while we make new checkers.

Manteiners: Ricardo Montania & Marcos Paulo de Souza


Things that need to be done in the