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The Open Teach-R Project!

Join the chat at


What is it about?

R is an amazing open tool for data analysis and visualization, but it is known to have a steep learning curve for scientists and students that do not have a Computer Science background... But the good news is that it gets much easier if you have the chance to start learning it in a well built course aimed your own research field!

Thus, this project's mission is to build, gather and organize courseware for anyone willing to offer a R based course for biological sciences students and researchers.


We want more people using R: it is an awesome tool for Open Science orientated research, there is already a huge community of users and developers and once the user gest used to its basic principles it turns out to be very easy to learn new techniques. To help get more people using it we want to break the initial learning barrier, and we want do this making it easier for the more experienced users to teach R to beginners.

The idea is to create a snowball-like effect: as more scientists, lectures and students learn how to use R and get more experienced, they will be able to find hands on material to teach it, helping to spread the R open magic among more and more people!

How can you help?

If you like using or teaching R than you can help us!

You should start by saying "hello" here, and talking a little bit about yourself if you like - or you can mail me at marcosvital at gmail, and I'll be happy to chat about the project. We also have a Gitter room, so we can chat there! Next, take a look the CONTRIBUTING file here for some more details on what kind of help this project needs. Oh, you can also check out the project Roadmap, it is being built right here and it tells more about the project progress. Roadmap is outdated right now, sorry! Will update that ASAP

Hey, even if you are not geting involved you can help a lot just by spreading the word about the project, so others can join and help! This link from Mozilla Pulse is a nice way of sharing. Thanks!

Participation Guidelines

Oh yeah, those are important!

This project was built during Mozilla Open Leadership Training 2017, and we are sticking to Mozilla Community Participation Guidelines, so please take a look at it here.

Project Logo!

Thanks to @graciellehigino we now have a logo:

Teach-R Logo


Sharing knowledge and material for teaching R courses!




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