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FIX ME: Why are some of the IP addresses for returning blank?
We should be able to tell the difference between EC2 hosts and normal amazon hosts
Determine if there is a whois error, or if it's a parsing error
SSL detection should have a 3-6 second timeout.
More complete spec tests:
- Test caching of ip-to-asn
- Write spec tests for ip-to-asn
- The DNS class could use some cleaning up.
- Strict input checking (run simplify on domain names first!)
Add RDoc
Examples folder?
If it makes sense to make a gem, use Jeweler
Decisions that cost money:
- Registrar
- Web host
- DNS host
- Mail host
- SSL Issuer
- SSL Certificate type
Decisions that don't necessarily cost money:
- Where are images are hosted?
- SPF records, and values thereof
- TTL on DNS records
- Expiration date for domain
- Expiration date for ssl certificate
- Is there more than one result for the A, MX, or NS records?
- If so, are they in different Autonomous Systems?
- Are all services (A, MX, NS) in the same AS?
- Does the main webpage have valid XHTML?
- What type of frontend?
- What type of mailserver?
- What type of DNS server?
- Is there a * record in DNS?