Commits on Oct 6, 2012
  1. Merge branch 'master' of

    committed Oct 6, 2012
Commits on Oct 5, 2012
  1. Test all files on directory.

    keeping expected_failures_testing_suite.hs
    MarcWeber committed Oct 5, 2012
Commits on Aug 28, 2012
  1. Remove old files.

    committed Aug 28, 2012
  2. Break at column 80.

    committed Aug 28, 2012
  3. Remove hlint warnings.

    committed Aug 28, 2012
  4. other-modules field.

    committed Aug 28, 2012
  5. Include all deps for test.

    committed Aug 28, 2012
  6. Use PVP.

    committed Aug 28, 2012
  7. Remove .cabal warnings.

    committed Aug 28, 2012
  8. Consider TAB as space.

    committed Aug 28, 2012
  9. Put test files on .caba.

    committed Aug 28, 2012
  10. Change import order.

    committed Aug 28, 2012
  11. Correct typo.

    committed Aug 28, 2012
  12. Fix parsing of test lines.

    committed Aug 28, 2012
  13. Remove isAscii from test.

    committed Aug 28, 2012
  14. Fix typo.

    committed Aug 28, 2012
Commits on Aug 27, 2012
Commits on Aug 24, 2012
  1. etags now contain both: the line to locate and the tag name

    Herbert Valerio Riedel told me about this improvement
    MarcWeber committed Aug 24, 2012
  2. rewriting the test suite using Haskell.

    I feel great, did this find a bug? (isAscii)
    MarcWeber committed Aug 24, 2012
  3. Github address.

    committed with MarcWeber Aug 23, 2012
  4. squashed improvements by Marco Túlio Gontijo e Silva

        Don't include the next token after the desired one
        If the next token is included, in a code like:
        data B = B
        data C = C1 A
          | C1 B
    The B parameter from the C1 constructor will be included in the tag, and if a
    search is made for B, the line of the C1 constructor will be found.
    3) many additional test cases and test improvements such as exit code,
    test that tags are not to be found etc.
    Test for constructor patch.
    Works even if there are two block of comments on literate haskell.
    Parse block comment correctly.
    Treat correctly two block comments.
    Treat two block comments together.
    Only consider names on type signatures.
    Correct filename on test.
    Handle space in myBreak.
    Make compatible with dash.
    Not to be found and TAGS. Give correct error message.
    Remove trailing whitespace.
    Become more strict when checking tags.
    Build with Cabal on test.
    remove module if there is a definition with the same name on the file
    Show first constructor on TAGS.
    Differ prefix tags from others.
    Remove warning.
    committed with MarcWeber Aug 22, 2012
Commits on Jan 2, 2012
  1. minor version bump for hackage upload

    Ignore-this: 6a7464ba90b75c604bfb8e236130334e
    MarcWeber committed Jan 2, 2012
Commits on Dec 15, 2011
  1. fix build for ghc > 7.2.1 see…

    Ignore-this: 770187260bcbcf79eceea8a0eab5fabf
    MarcWeber committed Dec 15, 2011
Commits on Nov 8, 2011
  1. fix append mode for Emacs - also use getOutFile for etags. issue foun…

    …d and fixed by Yi Huang
    Ignore-this: c7dafa529175d49b949420250bebb22
    MarcWeber committed Nov 8, 2011