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-I would like to thank everyone that, in some way, contributed to the development
-of this dissertation. They are Lucília Camarão, Rafael Almeida, Gláuber Cabral,
-Atze Dijkstra, Fernando Pereira and specially my advisor Carlos Camarão.
+I would like to thank everyone that, in some way, contributed to the development of this dissertation.
+Firstly, I would like to thank the Postgraduate program of the Computer Science Department of UFMG for the oportunity to study and develop my Masters research and this dissertation.
+I would also like to thank CAPES for the financial support, and Zunnit,
+% UFOP, UNIFOR-MG and Microsoft
+UFOP and UNIFOR-MG for letting me work while I was doing my Masters.
+I want to thank my parents and my whole family for the support and incentive on my education.
+I also would like to thank my wife, Priscila, for understanding when I had to study and work on my dissertation and for the incentive and love.
+I thank also my friend Rafael, who has been a safe haven for me on the whirlwind of life, and someone to discuss from the more practical to the more theoretical and technical aspects of this work.
+In a more direct manner, I would like to thank all the teachers from the Computer Science Department that led me here, through the undergraduate course and now in the Masters.
+In special, my advisor Carlos Camarão, who was always receptive, patient and understanding.
+I thank him for the incentive and for the suggestions and ideas that were always very interesting and helpful.
+Finally, I would like to thank some persons that contributed to the dissertation with suggestions of improvements.
+They are Lucília Camarão, Gláuber Cabral, Atze Dijkstra and Fernando Pereira.

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