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This is version 7.1 of LSD

The version is stable and include several new features.
The documentation for this release is fully updated.

To install, simply download the source code .zip or the .tar.gz file above to the root of your disk ('C:' in Windows) or to your home user directory ('~/' in Linux/macOS), and extract it to a subdirectory named 'Lsd' ('C:\Lsd' in Windows or '~/Lsd' in Linux/macOS). A different subdirectory can be used if there are no spaces in the names of the entire path of the chosen location. Then follow the instructions in the included Readme.txt file to complete the installation, according to your operating system. If upgrading from a previous version, just extract the package file over the existing LSD subdirectory.

In case of bugs, we ask your feedback.
Thank you for supporting the development of LSD.