Generate a random inspiring quote for use with shell logins and message of the day. Or what ever other use you come up with there are no rule ;)
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	To brighten your day at the console with a randome quote much like the
old program fortune.

Work you Must Do:

	- install the Colorize Gem
	    $ sudo gem install colorize

	- download quote.rb from the repo

	- add this to bashrc
	    ruby /path/to/downloaded/script/quote.rb

	- Enjoy it each time you fire up your shell

Posible Modification:

	- The array possible_colors on line 18 is used to pick a randome color from String.colors
	if you fire up irb and type String.colors you can pick the ones you like and put there
	index values in the array
	- You can pick another RSS feed though you will need to modify lines 22 and 23

	- Also on lines 22 and 23 you can change the second argument to the wrap_text methods to
	expand or compress the output

This is my first ruby script I have posted much more to come. Please enjoy critique laugh at me
and my spelling but most importantly be well.