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A fast, self-contained, highly customizable Aseprite-to-Unity importer.
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MetaSpritePlus (Work in Progress)

This fork adds extra import capabilities to the excellent MetaSprite importer.

MetaSprite is an Unity plugin that lets you import Aseprite's .ase file into Unity, as Mecanim animation clips/controllers. It also has rich metadata support built in, allowing one to manipulate colliders, change transforms, send messages (and much more!) easily in Aseprite.

Please note that this fork is a work-in-progress. Although the data layer seems to be working, later changes may occur with how it is calculated and stored.

Main differences from MetaSprite

MetaSpritePlus adds a "data" importer. This lets you define Asesprite layers as a "data" layer. Any pixels in each frame of that layer are saved to storage as coordinates within that sprite, which can then be accessed during gameplay. For instance, you could define a character's footsteps and emit dust particles on specific frames of animation, precisely at the pixels defined in a data layer. Some methods are included to help extract and use this data.

Other changes from MetaSprite

  • Added code comments to help clarify what's happening. This may help other developers add their own layer processing.
  • Added option to change a pixel's location in world space. Instead of bottom-left, representing its position in the center is more useful, especially if you flip sprites and use data-layer positions.


You'll need the Serialized Dictionary Lite plugin by Rotary Heart. This is used to store the layer data from the editor in a format that can be accessed during runtime.


Here are two ways to install this tool, based on whether you're interested in contibuting/forking it or just using it.

The Easy Way

If you're not interested in contributing to the source, then it's much easier to simply copy the Assets/Plugins folder into your Unity project's Assets folder.

As a Git Submodule

If you want to install this in a way you can contribute to the source, do the following:

  • Create a "Submodules" folder in your project's root folder.
  • Clone this project into it:
    git clone
  • Go into your Assets folder and make a symlink into the MetaSpritePlus "Editor" folder:
    mklink /d /j MetaSpritePlus ..\Submodules\MetaSpritePlus\Assets\Plugins\MetaSprite\Editor

Now you can edit the source as you use it in your project, yet still push changes to GitHub.

See wiki for explanation of importing, import settings, meta layers and other importer features.


  • Break layers into separate images: This will facilitate sprite swapping defined in the Aseprite file. Say you have different arms animated. Instead of baking them into a single sprite image, split it so you can turn each layer on/off at runtime. SubLayers sorta do this, but can be improved.
  • Sprite reuse in atlas: If the same image is already in a sprite sheet, reuse it instead of storing it again. Will significantly compress animations that have paused or repeated images.



Give all credit to WeAthFoLD for making the importer. You can donate to him at:

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