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This little tool emerged while planning sessions for the XP Days Germany 2011. Authors would submit their session proposols to ConfTool. Other users gave them feedback by reviewing and rating their sessions.

There are currently two use cases. First, automatic pre-selection of sessions from the proposals according to a set of criteria, e.g. highest rating. Second, generating wiki pages with title, abstract, and other information for the sessions that have been selected by the organizers in the end.

Session Selection

The Scramblr class is the entry point for the semi-automated session selection process:

  1. Read papers (Einreichung) from an CSV file exported by ConfTool.
  2. Sort the papers by average score, highest first (HighestBewertungFirst).
  3. SessionAuswahl: Iterate over the papers from top to bottom and check the acceptance criteria (Akzeptanzkriterium).
  4. A paper is accepted when all of the acceptance criteria are satisfied (AusgewaehlteEinreichung).
  5. Write an CSV file with all sessions including their status (EinreichungsStatus) to session.csv.

Acceptance Criteria

At the moment there are the following acceptance criteria:

  • MaximaleSessionsProAutor(limit): Checks that every single author has at most limit sessions accepted.
  • MaximaleSessionsProOrganisation(limit): Checks that every single organisation has at most limit sessions accepted.
  • PasstInZeitrahmen(minutes): Checks that the sum of the durations of all accepted sessions does not exceed minutes.

The acceptance criteria are passed to the SessionAuswahl class in the main method of the Scramblr class.

Wiki Page Generation

For the conference program, you might want to generate a webpage for every accepted session. We are using TWiki and therefore need to generate wiki pages in TWiki syntax. This is accomplished by the WikiPageGenerator class which roughly works as follows:

  1. Read the accepted sessions from `accepted_papers.csv' (Since the selection process is not fully automatic).
  2. Read all sessions from latest papers*.csv.
  3. Write a separate wiki page for all accepted sessions into the wiki folder.
  4. Write an prototype index page linking to all the separate pages into the wiki folder.

Uploading to TWiki

The session wiki pages can simply be copied into the data directory of the TWiki web you would like to add them to. The index page is merely a place where you can copy table cells from and paste them on the program page which you will have to create by hand.