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The SWTBot generator plugin

1. What is this plugin?

  This plugin contains some sources to generate key parts of the SWTBot 
  source. The `SWTBot' class and two classes named `WidgetMatcherFactory'
  are generated using this plugin.

2. Why would one generate these classes?

  For two reasons:
  * consistency and error-free source - all the methods look exactly the 
    same and are generated by a program
  * no need to keep track of methods on these classes when adding support
    for new widgets or matchers

3. What do I need to do if I want to add a new widget to SWTBot?

  Four things:
  * Create an SWTBotMyWidget class (see SWTBotButton for an example)
  * Add an annotation `@SWTBotWidget' to the new class. This annotation
    describes what prefix and and suffixes should be generated for accessing
    this widget. More on this annotation later.
  * Edit widgets.xml and add the name of your class
  * Run the class `SWTBotGeneratorMain'

4. What do I need to do if I want to add a new accessor method to SWTBot?

  If SWTBot already has support for the widget, but is missing an accessor of
  the form <widget>withSomeproperty(arguments), then change the annotation on
  the SWTBot<widget> class and execute `SWTBotGeneratorMain'.

5. What do I need to do if I want to add support for a new matcher?

  Four things:
  * Create a Matcher class (see WithStyle/WithText for example)
  * Ensure that there is an @Factory method on the class
  * Edit swtbot-matchers.xml or swtbot-eclipse-matchers.xml as the case may be
  * Run the class `MatcherGeneratorMain'

6. What is this @SWTBotWidget annotation about?

  This annotation marks a SWTBot widget so the generator and other tools can
  recognize it. This annotation is primarily used to describe the convinience
  API that should be generated for a class annotated with the specified widget.

  See the javadoc on the annotation for more detail and examples.