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How to publish builds:

Run a build locally

$ cd org.eclipse.swtbot.releng
$ ./make-release

  • Get some coffee while the build runs. This usually takes about 30 minutes to compile and run tests on 3 versions of eclipse

Transfer build files to eclipse.org

If all the tests pass, rsync all the upload dir to your home dir at eclipse.org

$ rsync —delete —compress —partial —progress —archive to-upload build.eclipse.org:

Login to the build server

$ ssh username@build.eclipse.org

Once on the build server:

[build.eclipse.org] $ git clone git://git.eclipse.org/gitroot/swtbot/org.eclipse.swtbot.git swtbot

[build.eclipse.org] $ cd swtbot/tools

[build.eclipse.org] $ ./create-all-index.sh # create index.html files to enable dirlisting

[build.eclipse.org] $ ./sign-swtbot.sh # queue up all artifacts for signing

[build.eclipse.org] $ ./monitor.sh # run this once every couple of minutes to monitor signing queue

  1. it might be a couple of minutes on a good day or a few hours near a release date.

[build.eclipse.org] $ ./publish-build.sh # run this to push the build to the download servers

  1. this will archive old builds and publish the new signed jars and
  2. release notes to the build servers