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Small Blogsoftware in Laravel


Info about release-cycle

I have a closed repo of this program, too. While this is some sort of stable, I have another version with customized themes and even an installer. There will be updates to this repo, very soon.

What is this?

Hi, my name is Marcel Schindler and I have been a webdeveloper for a long time. I usually worked on Webservices and never had the opportunity nor the necessarity of working with a full-featured-framework. I have a blog running at which is coded with my own little "Framework" which you can see over here:

Now I started to use Laravel in my workplace, because I heard so many good things about that framework. And it's so great. I love laravel so much, because it is just as complex as you want it to be. These sources here a work in progress because I am just creating a complete blog-software while writing a tutorial, which you can see soon on my website.

Whenever this program is stable, this text will be modified. Just take this tiny codes to see, how easy it is to actually start your own Laravel-production.


Nope. Not now. The usual licenses of the dependencies apply but these codes are totally not worth a licence at the moment.

Project Status


  • We have a simple page listing up our Blogposts.
  • We can log in demo@demo.dem with password test
  • Mobile-first (thanks to skeleton)


We can edit posts. We can upload media We can create new posts We can delete posts


  • Clone the repository
  • Make sure, you have composer and nodejs installed
  • copy .env.example to .env and edit your Database-Connection.
  • In a bash you can start ./ which will install composer dependencies, setup node_modules, clears the caches, installs assets and even links the storage-directory
  • OPTIONAL: run php artisan migrate:refresh --seed to install test-data (you won't be able to login without test-data anyways)
  • run php artisan serve to start your local development server

There will be a real installation-routine, when the software is ready. I guess.

Closing words

Consider this a work in progress. I do use this in a live environment, but that may change everytime.

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