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Materials for the PhD course Visualisation and Statistical Analysis held in the Faculty of Languages, Uppsala University, Autumn Term 2018.

Week 1 (2018-09-24)

  • Slides (from your browser, press key 'f' for fullscreen, 'w' for wide format)

For homework,

  • Revise the notebook from the session, and finish up the final session (vectors). A good way to work is to read through and predict what will happen in each chunk before running it.
  • Then do the homework exercises. The main two parts are (i) working out how to install a package (a collection of special functions that work together), and (ii) writing functions to encapsulate a sequence of commands to carry out a particular.... function.
  • Read Wilson et al. 2017 and prepare a question or comment.

Week 2 (2018-10-01)

  • Revise the Notes (download these and open them with RStudio)
  • Then do the homework exercises at the end of the markdown document. This has two parts:
    1. Wrangling the Kelly data from Språkbanken — try to read this data into R after exporting it from excel. It'll require some manual fiddling
    2. Writing a more complex function with lots of potential arguments
  • Next week we start doing something interesting with the Kelly data

Week 3 (2018-10-08) Data Structures and plotting

Week 4 (2018-10-15) Data wrangling

Week 5 (2018-10-22) Visualisation

Week 6 (2018-10-29)

  • Deriving summary statistics
  • Plotting homework review

The notes are available in html

Week 7 (2018-11-05)

The notes from class

Data for class exercise

Week 8 (2018-11-12)

The notes from class