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========= sharpSAT

sharpSAT is a #SAT solver based on modern DPLL based SAT solver technology. This is a new version with several incremental improvements over the 2006 sharpSAT 1.1 which has been published at SAT 2006.

This version also fixed several bugs - most importantly a counting bug, that causes sharpSAT to report wrong model counts on some instances.

========= Usage

Usage: sharpSAT [options] [CNF_File] Options: -noPP turn off preprocessing -noCC turn off component caching -noIBCP turn off implicit BCP -q quiet mode -t [s] set time bound to s seconds -cs [n] set max cache size to n MB

========= Building

It suffices to change to the ./Release subdirectory and run



  • it is necessary to have at least G++ 4.7 installed for sharpSAT to compile. This is particularly necessary as we use delegating constructors

  • the GMP bignum package has to be installed in your system

========= Changes

12.08 <

  • rewrote most of the codebase of the solver, including a redesigned SAT solver foundation based on more recent developments such as MiniSAT and TiniSAT, e.g. conflict clause minimization is used now

  • disentangled component analysis and the SAT solver part by separating the datastructures. Although this imposes a small memory overhead it allows for simpler and faster algorithms both in the SAT solver and in the component analysis part.

  • the redesign reduced the number of code lines by more than 30%

  • implicit BCP is more efficient now since for every failed literal l found every literal corresponding to a UIP of the conflict caused by l is asserted and add a UIP clause for that conflict is added

  • changed the decision heursitics to floating point values, and changed the VSADS weighting and the activity decay rate.

  • As it does not make sense to use only finite precision, the GMP bignumber package is now a prerequisite for sharpSAT. This also has to do with the fact that we use GMP integer arithmetic now instead of GMP floating points which is both simpler and has a small memory advantage.

  • A new coding of the cached components is introduced which frequently saves 30 - 50% of cache memory.

  • reduced the memory overhead of cached components to less than 40% of the original overhead

  • cache size will now be automatically set to at most 95% of the free RAM available at program start. This can be overridden, however, by setting the maximum cache size using the "-cs" option


  • corrected a bug in the use of the GMP bignumber package that caused (among others) wrong solution counts reported on bmc-ibm-5, bmc-ibm-10, ra, rb, and rc.

  • the solver is fully 64bit compliant now; esepcially the cache size can now be larger than GB

  • several out-of-memory problems with the old sharpSAT have been resolved